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La Ranchera Tortilla is a family owned corporation  Factory started in 1994 in 1614 Clinton Dr. Galena Park, Texas.

We’ve been Working Really hard to produce the best Corn and flour tortilla and that’s why  our products has been really acceptable by our customers.

In 1997 we had to move our corn lines to a bigger building at 503 Berry Rd. in Houston, Texas Now we have two locations, the one at Galena Park, where we make flour tortilla and the one at Berry Rd. where we manufacture the best corn tortilla in Texas.

La Ranchera Manufactures and distributes a variety of corn and flour Tortillas, Including wheat and different sizes of burrito tortilla, thin and thick corn tortillas.

Now we are happy to announce that since January 2016 we started operating from our new location, a beautiful 88,000 Sq. Ft. warehouse where we will merge the corn and flour tortilla manufacturing operation by the end of 2016.

La Ranchera Inc.

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